Friday, March 14, 2014

New at Inform: Dennis Parren

“This lamp [is] designed not to be understood but to show that light is the only rightful owner of color.” – Dennis Parren.

Three different-coloured LEDs project light upward from a circular platform at the base of the CMYK lamp, past thin white metal bars that split the light to cast cyan, magenta and yellow shadows onto surrounding surfaces. Red, green and blue shadows are created where the different colors overlap. Parren explains how the properties of LED bulbs enabled him "to show how the primary colors of light - red, green and blue - on the one hand, and the pigment colours - cyan, magenta and yellow - on the other, interact. The effect it produces may be called the aesthetics of LED light."

Dennis Parren Studio is based out of the Netherlands.

CMYK Pendant
CMYK Corner
CMYK Table
CMYK Corner
CMYK Corner

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