Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Santa + Cole: Editors and Publishers of Excellent Design

Since 1985 Santa + Cole have been creating a collection of clean, simple, warm designs for residential and contract spaces around the world. 

Santa + Cole work with many authors of great designs, which are then edited, developed, and published by the Santa + Cole team with the highest quality materials and processes that each piece requires. 

Notable designer Miguel Milá has designed timeless lighting pieces since the 1950’s with beautiful simplicity as shown with the TMM floor lamp (1961) and the impressive Estadio designed for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.  Milá’s designs are complemented wonderfully by Antonio Arola’s designs with Nimba (1997) and Cirio (2010).   
TMM Floor

Cirio is an impressive design that embraces Santa & Cole’s values for clean, simple, and warm designs.  Inspired by the Grand Chandeliers from the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Cirio’s translucent porcelain shades are beautiful and versatile in any application. Cirio is available as LED. 


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