Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New at Inform! Arper

In just a couple of weeks we will have a whole slew of pieces from Arper, a wonderful contract furniture line out of Italy. I love their lines and style and I think you will too! I also love their philosophy on what their designs will bring to you and your life. "Arper's vision aims at improving the quality of life by paying attention to quality, safety and the environment. We offer seating and table solutions that make your living spaces more welcoming, adding style and comfort to your day, whether in the office or at home."

Their continued committment to the environment and lessening their impact on the globe as a manufacturer is also another reason why Arper is in the top ten of my favorite companies. "Arper aims at minimising environmental impact with policies involving every single phase of the company's life. Arper has developed a Product Stewardship program inspired by the company environmental approach. As part of this principle, all those involved in a product life cycle share responsibility for the impacts on human health and Nature in the course of managing the phases of production, use and end-of-life."

Here is a preview of what you will see arriving into our Contract space in the next couple of weeks.

*Images from the top. Saari collection, Loop sofa, Pix ottomans

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