Monday, January 31, 2011

Space Saving Furniture

Here in Seattle most of us are pressed for space. However, this is not news to city dwellers. Quinn has a few solutions to help you get the most out of our square footage without compromising your design style.

Bigger is not always better; just look at these beauties. No matter the reason - downsizing after the birds have flown the nest, moving to a smaller house, or buying items for your vacation home, sometimes big (and beautiful) things come in smaller packages. From petite yet incredibly comfortable chairs like the Poltrona Frau Archibald and the Bensen Lotus to multiple use items such as the Herman Miller Cognita bench/filing cabinet/storage piece, to the ingenious expanding Carl Hansen SH650 coffee table, you can be sure to find countless space-saving and superbly designed pieces at Inform Interiors.

*from the top, Herman Miller Cognita bench, Carl Hansen Tranaeker table, Bensen Lotus lounge chair, Poltrona Frau Archibald, Gervasoni Log tables

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