Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Gift Ideas: Light Up Your Table

The winter solstice approaches. True. The days get still darker. True. True. So, when life hands you near complete diurnal darkness, you shape it with these beautifully elegant lights now at the shop. True. True. True.

75 year Paul Smith Edition $240
Anglepoise Paul Smith Table Light
Originally designed by legendary industrial designer, Sir Kenneth Grange, Paul Smith riffs on this modernist design classic to create a wholly original light source.

My New Flame list $600 - sale until 12/31/15 $495
Ingo Maurer My New Flame
A flawless rendering of a flickering candle flame in LEDs. Endlessly fascinating, Ingo Maurer gets you to lean in, to stare, and to touch, all without being burned.

Lee Broom Bulbs
The hand-cut clear, lead crystal of these Lee Broom bulbs ingeniously compresses the grand elegance of a crystal chandelier within the limited space of a single electric bulb. $195 list per bulb.

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