Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Flos Re-Lighting Gino Sarfatti

Rational Light

Italian lighting designer Gino Sarfatti, created over 600 light fittings between 1939 and the early 1970’s.  As a self-taught designer, he learned though constant experimentation and reinvention.  His early education as an engineer can be seen in the rational beauty of his designs.

Sarfatti eagerly incorporated the newest technologies into his designs and was one of the first to creatively integrate fluorescent and halogen lamps.  It is only fitting, 50 years later, his pieces are retrofitted incorporate the newest lighting technology.  While the upmost respect was paid the intent and original forms of each piece, five pieces from Gino Sarfatti’s collection were reworked to incorporate LED lighting.  

The “Re-lighting” of Sarfatti’s work brings his iconic pieces back into our collective consciousness.  This body of work, recently released by Flos, can be seen in our showroom.  Come interact with and experience these pieces for yourself. 

Model 1095
Model 1063

Model 2129
Model 607

Model 548

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