Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New at Inform: AIM from Flos!

New at Inform is the new Aim from the Bouroullec brothers for Flos! Aim utilizes LED technology and is adjustable in terms of height and beam direction. The flexibility of Aim allows it to be specified in a myriad of configurations such as over a bar or reception desk, as single pendants over café tables, cascading into an atrium space, or even directing a beam of light at a piece of art. You and your colleagues are welcome to visit our showroom and experience aim in the third dimension! Come by the showroom to see in person! Email for pricing details and lead time. 
Aim with Three pendants
Single Aim pendants can be suspended individually over café tables, retail displays, or work stations

Linear Aim configurations can be suspended over a bar, conference table, or reception desk

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