Thursday, April 21, 2011

Artek 2nd Cycle - A Sense of Sustainability

Here at Inform we just received our loved and now to be loved again 2nd Cycle Aalto Stool 60. 2nd Cycle is Artek's answer to the ever growing problem of consumption and a way to honor the importance of orginality and authentic design. Since Artek was founded in 1935, some 8 million stools have been sold worldwide. That is a lot! And a few years ago, Artek began to get some those back - from fleamarkets, schools, and those who no longer wanted them. Now the unwanted stools can tell their story again and have a new lease on life with another owner.
"This was a brand new stool sometime in the 30s. Where it's been in the past 70 years, we can only guess by reading tiny clues, like the green paint subtly appearing through the chipped coat of red. Some might think this stool looks old and dodgy. We think its never look more beautiful." - Artek

Stop by the showroom to take a look at our new 2nd Cycle Stool 60.

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