Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New to Inform: Washington Collection for Knoll by David Adjaye

New at Inform is the beautiful Washington Collection for Knoll by architect David Adjaye. His first collection of furniture is inspired by his architecture and sculpture. Inform is now showing the cantilevered side chair in both copper and nylon. The Washington Skin chair is available in seven different colors. Meanwhile, the Washington Skeleton chair is made from aluminum and available in six different finishes, including the copper coated version that we have here in the showroom. 

Future additions to the collection are a club chair, an ottoman, a side table and a monumental coffee table. To mark Knoll's 75th anniversary a limited edition of 75 of the coffee table in bronze will be available. The table has a roughhewn exterior bronze finish but the interior is hand polished and highly reflective. 

David Adjay said, "It has been hugely exciting to work with Knoll's team. The design concept has been enriched by the intensely collaborative engagement and as a result, this collection challenges materiality and form in much the same way that I try to work within the architectural context."

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