Thursday, February 16, 2012

This Ain't No Fling - 54 years and going strong.

KEVI is the classic office chair with the hard-wearing principle: The better you sit, the more you get done. The KEVI® Chair, Model 2533, is 54 years old. And if you’re one of the lucky 2.5 million owners that have one from the year 1972 or newer, you can still get spare parts for this hard working chair. That's sustainability – lasting value. Designed by an architect, it is suitable for homes, offices, schools and workplaces where one solution must satisfy many demands. Everything is visible, nothing is superfluous: seat, back, base, and controls designed to functional perfection. A simple well-balanced formula that incorporates aesthetic appeal with freedom of movement plus the flexibility you would expect from a full-service program. If you’re still not familiar with Engelbrechts' KEVI Chair and the many versions available.   Give us a call, we'd love to tell you more. 

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