Thursday, October 13, 2011

Artifort at Inform Interiors and Inform Contract

Orange Slice

Artifort, derived from the Latin word 'ars' meaning art or knowledge, and 'fortis' meaning strong or powerful. The word 'comfort' is also referenced. The company started in 1890 in Amsterdam by Jules Wagemans as an upholstery company. In 1928 Jules' son, Henricus renamed and re-branded the company into what is was today - making original, unique furniture. They have continued to do so over the years by tapping designers such as Geoffrey Harcourt, Pierre Paulin, Jasper Morrison, Khodi Feiz, and many more.

We are excited to have the Nina chair and stool on the floor, as well as the Orange Slice, and Gap. Please come by to see and sit - they are amazingly comfortable! The name does not lie.



Nina barstool

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