Friday, January 7, 2011

New from Bensen!

Of all of the product lines we carry here at Inform (and that is alot, let me tell you - my brain is bursting!), Bensen is one of my favorites. It hails from Vancouver, BC and is the genius of Niels Bendtsen. Everyone of us here at Inform own a piece from Bensen - from mirrors to sofas to beds. The spectrum of products that this company produces is amazing. What is even more impressive is the amount of time and thought that goes into each one. Each detail on a piece is looked at and worked out - there is not a time when I ask myself, why did they do that? Bensen even takes it a step further - the packaging of the pieces is what it should be for every furniture and lighting company out there.

Here are two new pieces that round out the already impressive collection, one of which is at the top of my purchase list - sofas are like shoes, right, you can never have too many?

Bensen Edward - coming soon to the Inform showroom!

Bensen Brix is a modular stacking drawer system that can be arranged in almost endless configurations. Now at the Inform showroom!

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