Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brent Comber and Serene tours Japan

Brent Comber Serene purchased by Prime Minister of Japan

In front of Obakki in Vancouver, BC

The beginning: a 6,000 pound discarded Red Cedar tree trunk that is over 8 centuries old was found outside of Vancouver, BC.

Post carving, ready for the tour

Arrived in Tokyo

At Tokyo Touch exhibition

Brent Comber shared this great piece of news with us and we want to share with you. Congratulations to Brent and his team in Vancouver, it is quite an honor.

"During 2009, I travelled to several of my exhibitions around British Columbia with Serene, a 3500-pound sculpture I carved from a discarded Red Cedar stump. I intended this piece to embody British Columbia’s growing commitment to environmental sustainability through the recycling of salvaged wood so it was always deeply gratifying when Serene’s presence instigated discussions on environmental issues. This past November at the 100% Design Show in Tokyo, the Japan Design Association purchased Serene. The association will present Serene as a gift to the Prime Minister of Japan, Yukio Hatoyamam who is a staunch environmentalist. I was very pleased to learn that after being presented to the Prime Minister, Serene will continue her legacy, touring Japan as a symbol of the country’s environmental consciousness and concern for sustainability."

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