Monday, December 5, 2016

Wish List # 1

Cookware from iittalla $225-$450This iittalla cookware is what I most want to find under my tree this holiday season. Function and form are perfectly combined with an inner ball blasted steel surface and a satin steel finish that is non-stick, without coating. The inner aluminum core between the steel layers ensure food is heated evenly and rapidly. Suitable for inversion, gas and electric stoves and ovens. Frying pans, casseroles, saucepans and oven pans available.

Carrie Lamp by Norm Architects $149.95
Lightweight and portable with a USB charger, the possibilities of the Carrie lamp by Menu are endless – use it on your bedside table, light a nursery, hang it from a tree or light your way to a beach bonfire. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Tom Dixon Chop Long $110A chopping board milled from solid oak with a soft curved edge.The longer shape can be used for bread or as a decorative charcuterie board. Who wouldn’t be delighted to receive this as a host gift?  

The Tear Drop Mini $580
An orb of light floats within the transparent hard glass globe of the Tear Drop. Scaled to the size of a human heart, it is not a lighting fixture, but a design of light, itself. With soft, warm halogen light, this lamp is perfect resting on the corner of your desk or shelf.

Hang Around cook set by Muuto $40
The simple genius of this design makes these a perfect gift for the aspiring chef or design enthusiast. Serve salad or stir a sauce and then rest them securely on the edge of your pot or bowl to preserve the integrity of the wood utensil and keep your space clean and tidy.

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