Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Gift Ideas: Metal

Metal fascinates. Sometimes the fascination leads to dead ends. For instance, the European alchemists misguidedly attempted to turn a base to a noble metal. Other times the fascination with metal’s malleability, elasticity and plasticity yields beautiful objects. We submit some objects now in the shop as exhibits A, B, and C of successful metallic fascination.

Tom Dixon Bash Bowls

Each Tom Dixon Bash Bowl is hammered by hand so that no two are alike. The bowl has been – wait for it - bashed to a thin metallic delicacy. Surprisingly strong, place other precious items inside. Or simply let the hammer-dimpled surface shift shape as a solo sculptural work on your table. $350 & $280

Seth Andersson Bowls

These Seth Andersson stainless steel bowls, commissioned through Iittala, are designed and fabricated to be incredibly functional. Purchase one and, like magic, you have an instant heirloom to use every day. $175 & $195

Björn Dahlström Pots and Pans

Swedish industrial designer Björn Dahlström’s cookware line for Iittala is informed by the Finnish company’s focus on simplicity, functionality, and quality. Spell your Sarpaneva cast iron pot and let one of these stainless steel pieces into your kitchen’s cooking tools rotation. $265 - $395

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