Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Outdoor Furniture Preview at Inform Interiors

Despite the rain today, now is the season to begin your search for, and order your outdoor furniture coming from Europe. One of our most wild and impressive vendors in this arena is Vondom from Spain. Vondom has a futuristic bent, with optional integrated lighting and music system controls including RGB lighting as featured on the Fiesta curved bar shown below.Visit our showroom to see this bar in person. 

Fiesta curved bar with RGB light
Also coming from Europe, by way of Belgium, we love the alternative- a more classic approach to outdoor furniture from Royal Botania. Using materials such as stainless steel and teak, one of our favorite collections from Royal Botania is the O-zon. The round version of this table in teak with integrated stainless steel lazy susan will have you daydreaming about balmy summer nights here in the Pacific Northwest. See it here in person and begin planning your alfresco dinners now.

O-zon table and chairs in mesh fabric, teak and stainless steel.
O-zon table and chairs in mesh fabric, teak and stainless steel.

And last but certainly not least, the Italian company Alias has a range of outdoor options (aliasdesign.it) which are rooted in a light look and high performance ability. Their Kobi chair comes in a range of colors in both dining height and lounge version. Come visit us at the showroom to see this and more from our outdoor offering.
Kobi dining or deck chair from Alias.

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