Thursday, July 12, 2012

Giorgetti Introduces Riserva America Quickship at 20% off

Italian furniture maker Giorgetti has distilled the very best pieces from their creations and brought them to you. This tribute collection includes the most iconic pieces from the Progetti series. Colors and fabrics have been carefully selected for the American taste – and kept on reserve here, in the US, as the Riserva America collection.

As a part of the release, pieces in this collection are 20% of until the end of August. Please call the showroom for details. 206-622-1608.

Progetti 63240 wingchair, 63230 armchair and 63350 pouf | Designed by Centro Ricerche Giorgetti, 1987/1995

 Progetti Blossom 65230 armchair | Designed by Centro Ricerche Giorgetti, 2009

Oti | Designed by Chi Wing Lo, 2000/2009