Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inform Event - KOS Launch coming up

Inform Interiors is launching a new bath line - KOS out of Pordenone, Italy. KOS says lifestyle starts with a dream and I couldn't agree more. Inform is here to provide the pieces to furnish and light your lives, but it is your vision that becomes the reality.

The KOS vision is led by Roberto and Ludovica Palomba. It is a
line about proportions that balance the relationship between ergonomic design and form, clean lines and care and attention to the details of the finishing. This comes out in all of their pieces. KOS products are designed to energize and enhance the rooms' architecture where they are placed.
"Since KOS entered the Zucchetti group, our company has encountered great new opportunities. Since the outset KOS has distinguished itself, presenting wonderful sculptures, functional items of great impact, acclaimed in recent years by the entire wellbeing sector as veritable icons of style, and receiving multiple awards worldwide. Together with Zucchetti, we now have in Faraway the possibility to express a vision - a mood - of the contemporary bathroom ambience. Not just products. The lifestyle and trends of the years to come," Sergio Venerus, president of KOS.

We invite you to celebrate the launch with us and see KOS in person, including the Faraway Vis-a-Vis and Morphing tubs. It will be held in our main showroom in downtown Seattle on Wednesday, March 2nd from 5:30 to 8 pm. RSVP to info@informseattle or call 206-622-1608.

Inform Interiors
2032 8th Avenue, 98121.

*images from the top, KOS Faraway series, KOS Morphing series

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