Friday, December 17, 2010

What's In A Name?

Here at Inform, we get to see thousands of products move through the showroom and many more in a catalogs. And well, sometimes the name can leave us chuckling and sometimes, we just scratch our heads. With our new monthly post, Stephen is going to take a look at what's in a name.

What the heck is that designer thinking? Have you ever wondered at times what a designer was thinking when they named a piece they designed? Ingo Maurer is the king of clever names evoking exactly what he wants to convey.

Kuddelmuddel, a light designed by Tobias Reischle with Ingo Maurer in 2008 comes from a German expression meaning a muddled mess or confusing hodgepodge. Reischle, born in 1973 has worked for Ingo Maurer and Karim Rashid over the years. This light is a work light for the anti-minimalist with its own jumbled cord stuffed back inside its container body. The perfect desk companion to a tall stack of papers, coffee cup rings and late night study sessions. Available to see at Inform Contract, $875.

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